Basics of Cord Blood Donation and Storage

New parents are often faced with a tough decision – Should they donate their child’s cord blood, or store it in case the child needs it one day? Cord blood is a potential treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, and several other diseases. You can see a list of conditions that can be treated with cord blood […]

South Beach Diet Supercharged

Just when we thought the South Beach Diet is good enough, now comes a new and improved makeover of the diet plan encapsulated in the book “The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life.” The book is created and developed by Dr. Agatston together with exercise psychologist Joseph Signoril, PhD […]

Danish Pastry 101

A light, sweet, flaky dough, with a variety of fillings, both sweet and salty, makes a sinfully delicious dessert or for breakfast, as a pick me up. Basic ingredients used are milk, yeast, eggs and butter. Even though the die hard baker would frown at the use of margarine as a substitute, I have used […]

Big Desserts how to please a Crowd

With a crowd come lots of different preferences. This is why an array of deserts is often the best option when trying to cater for everyone’s sweet desires. I would not recommend going overboard, but merely making simple alternatives for the individuals. I recommend the following; 1. A chocolate cake. Always a favorite and sure […]

Understanding your Candy Thermometer

A candy or sugar thermometer is like a conventional thermometer but it can read much higher temperatures – we’re talking 200 degrees Celsius (or 400 degrees Fahrenheit) or more! Let’s face it, at these temperatures no-one is going to dip a finger in the pan to test it! For anyone making desserts or sweets/candy (toffee, […]

How to Make the Perfect Meringue

Meringue, known for its soft peaks and airy texture, can be an excellent pie-topper, an elegant cookie, or a fancy base for a fruit dessert. All meringue begins with three basic ingredients: egg whites, sugar (either granulated or powdered), and salt. To these basic three you may add cornstarch to keep the peaks from falling […]

Cake Decorating 101

Cake decorating used to be something that only a few people would try. Virtually anyone can do cake decorating today with all the cool baking items on the market. There are some basics that you need to learn and you can whip out some wonderfully decorated cakes with ease. COOLING THE CAKE: You need to […]

Making Homemade Broth 101

Most types of broth are made by allowing the ingredients to simmer together, over low heat, for a long period of time. This process extracts the maximum amount of flavor and fragrance from the ingredients. The following broth recipes are the basic four broth recipes that all good cooks must master. Though making broth is […]

Making Puddings a Simple Family Favorite

10 MINUTE NANNER PUDDIN’ Of course my grandmother’s banana pudding was UNBEATABLE and, of course, she made it from scratch, but if you’re like me & have kids & stuff-to-do crammed into nearly every minute of the day, this is a fast, cheap & easy kid-pleaser & hubby-pleaser alike! INGREDIENTS: *1 box vanilla wafers*4 or […]

Top four best Burger Chains in the us

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is also the home of the modern fast food restaurant and more specifically the mega burger chain. There are thousands upon thousands of burger chains in the United States, some of which have emerged to become multi-million to billion dollar companies. […]

How Fast Food Chains are Working to Provide Healthy Alternatives

As Americans’ waistlines continue to expand due to obesity, fast food restaurant chains are working to provide healthy alternatives. Americans are becoming more educated to the health risks (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and other risks) involved with obesity, and with the knowledge of how bad most fast foods are to their health in terms of fats, sodium, […]

Baby Shower Dessert Ideas

The newest trend in baby showers is throwing a memorable, coed occasion where husband and wife can enjoy themselves equally. Gone are the Betty-Crockeresque, frilly, pink-and-blue, cooing parties with silly activities. If you are a traditionalist, then by all means throw a girls-only bash. However, today’s busy working moms-to-be barely have time to schedule the […]